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10 things that may be causing you to have low energy – and how to fix them!

We’re definitely a nation on the go, but the average person also is prone to afternoon doldrums, lethargy after meals, or general fatigue throughout the day. But instead of trying to just soldier through it or slamming a coffee or sugary drink, which can actually make you more tired in the long run, it’s important…

Health secrets from cultures with the longest-living people on earth.

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The average lifespan in America is now around 75.5 years old, though that’s expected to rise in the future thanks to modern medicine and technology. But that’s still nowhere near the life expectancy of people in some cultures around the world. Called “Blue Zones” for the astounding average lifespans, they are defined as areas where…

Stressed Out!

Of course you have heard the phrase “stress is a killer”. I thought it would be good to take a look and see if it is true. So here we go! I’m already feeling stressed! Are you? Take a look at yourself. Stress symptoms: tight shoulders, digestive upset, recurring headaches, increased tendency to lose temper…

Exercise: How To Work Those Abdominals?

Back In School? Remember back in grade school when you did the Presidential fitness testing? First you found the heaviest kid in class to sit on your feet. Then with your knees bent and fingers interlocked behind your head you attempted to do as many “sit-ups” as possible in 60 seconds. Supposedly this was testing…

Exercise: How Important Is It?

Failure to exercise a minimum of 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes in duration each time is the equivalent of smoking one pack of cigarettes each day. What this means is that exercise is no longer just good for you, it is bad for you if you don’t exercise.

New Year’s Resolution?

We all have the same one every year: lose weight. Yet only 1% keep their New Year’s Resolutions for the entire year and 93% blow it by January 12th! This year let’s try a different approach and see if we can lose some of those unwanted pounds.