10 Myths about chiropractic treatment.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.03.58 PM1. Myth: A chiropractic adjustment will hurt.

Truth: The adjustment won’t cause any pain, and most of our patients actually feel a sense of relief! The focus of chiropractic treatment is unlocking parts of the spine and joints, and that’s done through natural movements and adjustments. While there may be slight soreness or discomfort at first as your nervous system adjusts, it’s been described as a similar sensation after a good exercise session at the gym.

2. Myth: Chiropractic treatment only helps back pain.

Truth: Chiropractic doctors specialize in improving joint function in every part of the body, though a large percentage of clientele do have issues originating or manifesting in their spines. Car accidents, slip-and-falls, and other injuries usually cause extensive pain in the back area. But many people go see a chiropractor to work out problems in their knees, ankles, hands, and neck, too, such as professional athletes and even pregnant mothers.

3. Myth: It’s expensive.

Truth: The reality is that chiropractic treatment usually costs less than other doctor’s visits, with profound and immediate results. Considering the alternatives – costly specialists, surgery, potentially harmful prescription medications, or just living in pain, chiropractic care is the most cost effective treatment available.

A recent study of 85,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield patients found that over a 2-year period, people who were treated for lower back pain by a chiropractic doctor incurred costs 40% lower than if they went to a medical doctor for the same condition!

4. Myth: Insurance won’t cover it.

Truth: The good news is that the vast majority of insurance plans do cover chiropractic treatment, including Medicare. Actually, the insurance companies prefer you go visit a chiropractor to alleviate problems instead of jumping to expensive drugs and involved surgeries, because they understand the preventive cost of chiropractic is exponentially less.

5. Myth: Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.

Truth: You might be amazed to hear that chiropractic doctors actually require more schooling than general medical doctors! In fact, a degree in chiropractic requires 2,887 education class hours while a medical doctor requires only 2,756 hours. Chiropractic specialists receive their doctorate after 4 or 5 years of medical schooling, which includes a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience, and then they must pass State and National board certifications to become licensed and practice, as well as ongoing education.

6. Myth: Once you go, you’ll always have to go.

Truth: How often you go to a chiropractor is completely up to you. But many patients choose to come on a regular basis because it works so well, not because they have to! Once they experience the health benefits – like an increase in energy, immune function, sleep patterns and general well being – they usually enjoy coming to get adjusted on a regular basis. But a good portion of our patients only come temporarily, to treat a specific injury caused by something like a car accident. Of course how often you come visit us – once a week or once a year – is completely up to you.

 7. Myth: It’s for adults not children.

Truth: The truth is that anyone can improve their health and enjoy the benefits of chiropractic treatment, including children and even babies. In fact, studies show that even one chiropractic treatment reduces colic by 80-90%! Children tend to need our treatments less just because they are more flexible and heal better than adults, but it’s also highly recommended children go for a chiropractic checkup routinely as they grow and develop.

8. Myth: It’s dangerous.

Truth: Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of medical treatment you could ever get. Did you know that adverse reaction to prescription drugs is the 3rd leading cause of death in America? That’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid by utilizing chiropractic – risky surgeries and over prescribing potentially dangerous drugs. It’s a safe, natural alternative and should always be a first course of treatment before a patient takes on further medical risk.

Another interesting fact is that chiropractic doctors pay less for malpractice insurance than any other type of doctors. The reason? Chiropractic doctors have far less lawsuits claiming injuries or malpractice than other doctors!

9. Myth: It’s just a trend.

Truth: While chiropractic has become increasingly popular in recent decades (because it works so well,) treatment of the spine and joints is one of the oldest medical practice. Chiropractic has been common in the United States for at least one 100 years and it’s the largest form of drug-free health care, and the third largest form of any health care in North America!

A comprehensive medical study done in 1996 by Coulter et al and TopClinChiro revealed that 87% of long term chiropractic patients described their health as excellent, took fewer prescription medications, and experienced less pain and chronic conditions from aging.

10. Myth: It’s hard to get started.

Truth: Getting started couldn’t be easier – just pick up the phone and call us for a consultation. We’ll talk to you about your current health condition, what’s bothering you, and give you a thorough assessment before there’s any treatment. If you want to learn more before you come see us, follow this blog and sign up for our emails with ongoing education. You can also contact us with questions any time. We’re here to help!