20 Crazy, funny, and downright bizarre fitness products people actually bought

Do you order fitness products, workout tapes, and exercise inventions off of late night TV infomercials? Of course you do, if you’re anything like the rest of us, who have invested in a BoFlex or P90X over the decades. But for every legitimately helpful piece of exercise equipment, there are some shocking ridiculous products that people actually buy.

Here are our top 20 crazy, funny, and downright bizarre fitness products people actually bought:

1. You can ride the robotic horse all the way to Fitness Town. (Cowboy outfit not included.) Watch the infomercial at YouTube.







2. It doesn’t matter if you have a six-pack, as long as you LOOK like you have a six-pack with the “Ab (Lightning Bolt) hancer.”










3. I really don’t know what’s going on here, and I don’t dare go to PlaidStallions.com to find out.










4. Do you eat too fast, and therefore gain weight? Diet Dinnerware will flash green for 40 seconds to indicate your time to eat, and the start flashing red for a period when it’s time for you to stop and chew and digest.










5. The Free Flexor took the Shake Weight and made it even more ridiculous, with its patented “Circular Strength Technology.” (Ohhhhh patented!)









6. No time to get to the gym and no room for a treadmill? You can achieve the same resistance training by running on this velcro pad. Seriously.








7. 8-Miute Abs is actually a simple and sound stomach workout, except for the hilarious scene during the movie Something About Mary where they propose “7 Minute Abs” to one up it.








8. Why even work out at all when we can just take whatever’s in “Exercise in a Bottle?”









9. I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian didn’t wear these clunky and uncomfortable shoes to get her backside, but maybe her surgeon did?









10. You know those Power Bands that gave you more energy, increased your metabolism, boosted your immune system, helped you feel more positive, and allowed you to lose weight, just by wearing them? Yeah well research exposed them as frauds, and any effect you felt was just a placebo.











11.There are so many inventions that claim to revolutionize the way you do abs and claim to give you a six-pack in no time, except for the fact that weight loss – not ab work – makes your stomach lean and shredded.









12. Someone actually said, “I’ve got it! If we make their knife and fork heavy, they’ll get a weight lifting workout as they eat!” (No word on how this helps people who eat pizza with their hands.)










13. No idea, but it looks cool.

10 copy








14. Who can forget Suzanne Somers and her ThighMaster infomercials in the 1980s?!









15. As people started exercising more, they started getting lazier, and someone decided it would be better to just wear a vibrating belt that shook our muscles into shape








Or you can just stand on this rapidly vibrating station and hang on for dear life.










16. Do you talk on the phone a lot, and therefore neglect your workouts? This weighted phone handset might be just the thing to cure your fitness woes.










17. The Shake Weight actually sold a TON of units…around Halloween.






18. For those of you who are wondering, BodyBlade came after Body by Jake and Tae Bo, but before Game of Thrones.








19. Want to go for a bike ride, but also run on a treadmill at the same time? Do both on this contraption. By the way, the original prototype looked more like a hamster wheel, but that didn’t do well with focus groups.







20. Our #1 all-time craziest, most hilarious and bizarre fitness product is….drum roll please….Prancercise! Joanne Rohrback’s frollicking video workout got more than 10 million views on YouTube and describes her self-made workout as: “It’s about self-expression. It’s about nonviolence. It’s about conservation.”

Huh? It’s about looking ridiculous. But for those of you who are into it, you can get more info (and order the video and the book) at Pracercise.com.