Dare To Compare Part II

Here is another chart as we continue to compare the medical and chiropractic models from the last blog:


Scary Numbers! US World Rankings

Life expectancy at birth for the average person in the US is 78.2 years old. That is 49th highest in the world!   CIA World Factbook, 2010.

Healthy life expectancy at birth for the average person in the US is 72.0 years old. That is 29th highest in the world!  World Health Organization, 2009.

In regards to overall Health Care Systems, the US finished in 37th place! WHO, 2005. This was so bad that the World Health Organization decided not to rank them any more!

So we need to work on our health! So what should be done to be proactive and avoid illness?

Well here is a list I used before from the American Cancer Society on how to decrease cancer risk or in my view how to stay healthy!

  • have a maximum body mass index (BMI) of 25, limit adult weight gain to 11 lbs from the age of 18.
  • engage in daily moderate/weekly vigorous activity.
  • eat 5 or more servings of fruits and veggies daily
  • eat at least 7 or more portions of complex carbs daily
  • decrese processed foods and refined sugars
  • limit alcoholic drinks: 1-women, 2-men daily
  • limit red meat to no more than 3 oz daily
  • decrease fatty foods, particularly animal fats
  • limit intake of salted foods & use in cooking
  • eliminate tobacco use
  • practice sun safety/recognize skin changes
  • practice safe sex

And of course include chiropractic care in your wellness plan. If you have more questions about this topic and how chiropractic care can keep you healthy, talk to Dr. Lance Casazza.