Dare to Compare

Dare to CompareChiropractic has always seen things differently than the medical profession. I will never try to convince or argue with anyone that chiropractic is better, never. Rather I will simply explain the chiropractic viewpoint vs the medical viewpoint and let you decide. In any situation it is a mistake to pass judgment on a situation without all the information. All too often people will have a general opinion on something without basing it on anything. I think that happens with chiropractic. The survey to the left of 1009 US adults in 2006 by Gallup supports this idea.

Why are we rated so low? There may be several reasons, but in my mind it is likely due to the unknown. Chiropractors are interested in keeping their patients healthy and preventing illness. This is typically not what medical doctors focus on. They will manage illness and disease. Since it is uncommon to find a doctor of any discipline promoting wellness, the public finds this as odd or suspicious.

Thus the lack of trust. Remember it is far easier to STAY healthy than to battle disease. Below I have included a table which shows the major differences between medical doctors and chiropractors. Something to think about and consider. If you have more questions about this topic and how chiropractic care can help keep you healthy, talk to Dr. Lance Casazza.

Health Topic Chiropractic Western Medicine
Base Strategy Proactive: stay healthy. Reactive: symptom, pain based.
Care Strategy Whole body approach. Focal illness approach.
Philosophy Body is self-healing with innate intelligence. Body is machine, needs help to be fixed.
Flu Vaccine No. Build natural healthy immunity to fight flu bug. Yes. Use vaccine to build anti-bodies to fight flu bug.
Pharmaceuticals No. Find natural ways to get healthy and stay healthy. Against toxins in the body. Yes. Use chemistry to aid body function. Systems are weakened need assistance.
Drug Side Effects Concerned, find alternative. Minimizes. Feel reward over rides risk of side effects.
Surgery No. Explore chiropractic option first. Yes. Often seen as best option.