Direct Effects

“Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs are actually direct effects that we don’t want!”

Your back is hurting and you do not know what to do so you take a couple ibuprofen. ī′byo̅o̅′prōfin. Everyone does it so it should work or at least help a little. Right?

First off just because everyone does it, (think lemmings), does NOT mean it is the right decision.

Direct Effects:

Ibuprofen is known to have an antiplatelet effect, though it is relatively mild and somewhat short-lived. In general, ibuprofen also acts as a vasoconstrictor, having been shown to constrict coronary arteries and other blood vessels, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Unwanted Direct Effects:

50% of patients with NSAID ulcers are asymptomatic! Centers for Disease Control

35% of NSAID and aspirin users will get GI ulcers! Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology

50% of patients taking NSAIDs have sustained damage to their small intestine.

Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology

So now you decide, are you willing to risk the above? I certainly am not. I would prefer to decrease and control inflammation by applying ice.

One more thing:

Taking ibuprofen after the initial inflammatory period is actually contraindicated. Once the inflammation has stopped we want to open up the blood vessels, (vasodilation), not constrict them. Soft tissue: muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia heal from a free flow of fluids into the tissue and the congested inflammatory chemicals flowing out, ibuprofen simply slows this process down.

Chiropractic benefit:

One of the primary reasons the chiropractic adjustment is so effective is due to increased motion and increasing the critical flow of new fluid in and old fluid out.

One last thing:

Remember inflammation itself is not bad, it is excessive inflammation that can cause problems, specifically decreasing motion thus slowing the healing process. The chemicals in the inflammation are actually necessary for the healing process to occur and we are simply trying to control how much fluid enters the injured sight.

Talk to Dr. Lance Casazza about all the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment, and other simple methods of dealing with pain and inflammation.

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