Flu Shot or Not?

So the “cold & flu” season is rapidly approaching. And the big question arises: should I get a flu shot?

Not a good question but a great question! Let’s take a look at both sides of the story and then use some common sense and see where we end up. Here it goes!

Out of Reuters World Report, Feb 2005 – Archives Internal Medicine, 2005

Lives saved by flu Vaccine – Zero?  Predictions were that 50% of those vaccinated would not die. Based on mortality rates from 1968-2001 the National institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases found no correlation between increased vaccination rates after 1980 and decreased death rates.  Researchers are now saying earlier studies were flawed and the elderly may not be getting much benefit because many fail to produce antibodies in response to the vaccinationNatural immunity may be responsible for the earlier perceived benefits.

Click here for more info on the negative effects of flu shots.

cartoonOnly 40% of US Health Workers Get Immunized! Doctors and nurses say they’re too busy. Some health workers believe that flu shots don’t work and that they cause the flu. Health workers say they’ve been exposed to so many germs that they’re immune. CDC, Sept 2007

Here is a good question to consider: Why don’t doctors and nurses constantly get sick? After all they are around sick people and germs all day long. Answer: Only people that are sick, unhealthy or with a weakened immune system get sick.

Did you know that the average American gets 2-6 colds per year! I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.

A few months ago I was at a chiropractic seminar and the speaker asked how many took the flu shot. The response was zero. Then the group was asked how many got the flu or even a cold and again no one raised their hand. The speaker said he asked chiropractors this question at every seminar for the last 10 years and never did any chiropractor get a flu shot and most importantly rarely did any get the flu! Now that IS interesting.

According to the Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases the following list is how to prevent the flu:

  • careful hygiene
  • avoid crowds/sneezers
  • plenty of rest
  • balanced diet
  • lots of fluids
  • stress management
  • regular exercise

Okay now grade yourself. How did you do? Okay now grade the general public. Most people really struggle with these which weakens the immune system thus letting you get sick. You will notice that if you grade yourself high on the above list you probably do not get sick very often.

If you have more questions about flu prevention or the flu vaccine or chiropractic just ask: Dr. Lance Casazza.

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