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Santa Run – 2015
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Halloween – 2015
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Office Trip to Cabo – 2015
[nggallery id=20]
Logan College, St. Louis Missouri – 2015
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Santa Run – 2014
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Life University – 2014
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San Antonio – 2013
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Disco Day
[nggallery id=13]
Sports Day
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Innate Legacy Chiropractic Seminar – Vancouver, Canada
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Star Wars Day
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Pink Day
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San Antonio Trip
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Ward New Jersey/New York Trip
[nggallery id=5]
Patient Apreciation Day, Golden Gate Fields
[nggallery id=4]
San Diego Trip
[nggallery id=3]
Minnesota Trip
[nggallery id=2]
Nashville Trip
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Dr. Lance’s Old Professional Pictures
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