The Chiropractic Question

Chiropractic is an often misunderstood profession. There are so many public misconceptions, that they are just accepted versus explored. At a seminar the other day the instructor asked all the chiropractor’s if they would get an adjustment EVEN if they were pain free, and 100% said yes! The instructor also said, “if the public knew and understood what all the chiropractors in the room knew and understood that they could not handle the crowds in their offices”! So the question is what do chiropractors know that most of the public does not.

Let’s explore!

In its’ simplest, purest form a chiropractic adjustment puts the joints of the body in motion. So what is all the fuss about motion. Well remember the last time you stopped working out and how fast you lost your strength or your cardiovascular endurance or your flexibility? Yes motion is what keeps your body running.

But don’t believe  me, check it out the next time you get adjusted. Try a before and after motion test.

The Neck Test. Move your head and neck through all the possible motions: side to side, rotate to the left and right, and tip your head forward and back. Then after you get adjusted try them all again, you will notice a remarkable change. Way easier and an increase in motion.

The Low Back Test. Same thing, lean forward and back, twist left and right, and lean left and right. Now get your adjustment and try again. Hmmm interesting, the same thing more motion.

The Rib Cage Test. This time just a simple breathing test. Take a big breath before and after an adjustment. You will notice a huge difference. Bring your phone with you and we can video you before and after, and then you can show your family and friends.

So now we know and have experienced the increased motion and breathing. Now that we have established the fact that chiropractic adjustments increase joint motion, let’s explore the benefits. I feel like a simple test is in order. Yes a chiropractic exam if you will. I ask the questions and you respond with what makes sense to you.

The official, yet unofficial chiropractic exam! Part I (yes the teaser portion)

Q: With increased motion are muscles around the joint: longer and more flexible or shorter and tighter?

A: longer and more flexible

Q: Muscles that are longer contract more effectively and efficiently and thus are stronger? True or False

A: True

Q: With more motion soft tissue adhesions that restrict joint motion tend to form more or less?

A: Less

Q:  Inflammatory chemicals trapped in muscles and joints pumps out faster or slower with increased motion?

A: Faster

Fun, isn’t it. Watch for the next blog, which continues the chiropractic exam!

If you have more questions about the benefits of chiropractic care, talk to Dr. Lance Casazza.

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